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 Accommodation near Parys with a Fun Team Building Event for Your Organisation


Team-building events have an undeserved bad rap. When people hear about a team-building event, many have visions of awkward afternoons spent with forced encounters among co-workers. This definitely doesn’t need to be the case. More and more South African employers are becoming aware of the great benefits and advantages of having colleagues socialise outside the confines of the office.


These events can actually be invaluable in helping to maintain employee morale. They can give your team a welcome relief from the pressures of their jobs, and also help them to get to know the people they spend a major part of their day in a confined space with. After all, South Africa is a melting pot of cultures and traditions. Putting people with specific skills in a room together and hoping they’ll work together well might be wishful thinking.


Team-building events help to break down the barriers we put up around us, which might hinder our performance in teams. These events can also be used to teach people important communication skills needed to perform well in teams. It’s because of these reasons, among others, that employers are booking team-building events near Parys, at venues that make it even more convenient by offering accommodation too.


Learning Doesn’t Need to be Boring – How Team Building Can Make Development Fun


Who says learning and development need to be boring? With fun team-building events, learning can be exciting and engaging. You can teach important lessons to your team, like helping them to break down barriers to effective communication and teaching them the tools needed for greater teamwork. It all depends on who you have at the helm of your team-building event near Parys.


When you partner with a professional team-building venue geared towards helping bring teams together, with seasoned facilitators ready to help develop your employees’ interpersonal dynamics, you have a recipe for success. Why not book your team-building event at a venue that also offers accommodation near Parys? That way, you cover all your bases. Your team won’t have to make the commute back to the city after a long day or weekend of fun and learning, and you can make the break away from the office complete.


Make sure that you choose a venue that is capable of delivering a team-building event that’s fitting to your team’s needs. It goes beyond merely working with a talented facilitator. If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, choose a venue that focuses on a comprehensive approach to team building. By doing so, you are set to maximise the return on your investment, and the day won’t be lost.


Work with Our Qualified Team-Building Facilitators for an Effective Day of Learning


Our qualified and professional facilitators approach each team we work on with a goal of helping people reach their full potential. We also focus on elements of teamwork and interpersonal dynamics, and believe that trust, support, communication, and bonding should all form part of your team-building event. However, we also recognise that different teams have different requirements, which is why we are happy to tailor our packages to your specific needs.


After a fun day of partaking in our activities designed to boost team morale, your team can retire to our comfortable accommodation. This accommodation is nestled along the Vaal River, and provides a scenic backdrop to a memorable escape from the city. We are proud of our long history of service excellence in the team-building and accommodation sector, and work hard to provide tangible value to our clients’ businesses and their employees.


What Team-Building Activities Do We Offer?


We’re excited to offer a choice of teambuilding activities that are designed with our clients’ needs in mind. These activities range from specialised team-building programmes to river rafting, brain teasers, paintball matches, and quad-biking, to name only a few.

Keep in mind that we can combine a selection of activities to come up with a unique solution to your needs. If you would like to learn more about us, what we do, and how we can be of value to your business, contact us today. Book your teambuilding event and accommodation near Parys well in advance to avoid disappointment. We look forward hearing from you.