Top Tips for Choosing the Right Year-End Venues


Are you a local or international organisation looking for one of the best year-end venues to host your year-end Christmas bash? A long tradition that goes back years and years, many successful organisations recognise the importance of a year-end Christmas party.  Yes, your employees have worked hard this year, and one sure-fire of showing them just how much you appreciate their hard work is to end the year off with an awesome Christmas bash that will get them motivated and excited for the New Year ahead. But in order to get this right, you need to find the right venue. At SunWa River Lodge, we’ve put together some brilliant tips for choosing year-end venues that will not only impress but will have your organisation starting 2018 ahead of the curve.


#1 Budget is First and Foremost


Budget is a huge factor when it comes to year-end venues, so first and foremost, find out how much money you have to spend and how much your event is going to cost from the start. While you certainly don’t want to break the bank to hold a great Christmas party, it is important to be realistic about the budget. Taking into consideration transportation to and from the venue, catering, alcoholic beverages, music, entertainment, décor and accommodation, your budget will ultimately have a huge impact on the type of year-end venue you plan on booking.


#2 Location, Accessibility and Safety


One of the most important factors to consider is the location of the venue. While you could host a Christmas bash in the middle of the city, you could also host your annual soiree out the city. So, decide where you’d like the venue to be. Once you’ve established the location, think accessibility. Not many employees want to travel far, but if you are supplying transport to and from the venue, then it leaves you with more options. Another factor to consider is security. Make sure that the venue offers excellent security as you want your employees to be and feel safe.


#3 Venue Options


Just like choosing conferencing venues, it is always great to have more than one option. Do you want a formal venue where your guests can sit down and eat or are you after a casual venue with a deck, a buffet area, a space to sit down and eat, and a dance floor? Taking into consideration the number of people attending your year-end party, choose a venue that can offer you more than one venue.


Get Ahead of the Rush and Book One of Our Year-End Venues


By taking in a few key considerations – highlighted above – you can throw a great year-end party for everyone and end the year with a bang! However, if you haven’t booked your year-end venue as yet, you’re going to be blown away by the choices of year-end venues at SunWa River Lodge. Situated in a majestic natural surrounding on the banks of the Vaal River, only 10 kilometres outside of Parys and 120 kilometres south of Johannesburg, we’re proud to be one of the leading year-end venues in the North West province, right next to Gauteng.


Make Your Choice from Four Different Function Venues


A beautiful retreat away from the city, not only is SunWa River Lodge unrivalled when it comes to hosting local, national and international year-end functions, corporate dinners, fundraisers, team building events and conferences, but we’re also nationally well-known for hosting weddings, anniversaries, private parties, and exceptional action-packed family holidays. Renowned for adding that little something extra to year-end functions, we can offer you the choice of four extremely popular venues that cater for all types of corporate or private functions. Make your choice from our Elephant Venue that can comfortably accommodate up to 140 guests, our Rhino Venue that can accommodate up to 300 guests, our Hippo Venue that can easily accommodate up to 80 guests, or our Buffalo Venue that can accommodate up to 64 guests.


Having earned an excellent reputation over the years for hosting impressive year-end functions, we will make sure your event is not only a successful one but that your time with us is an unforgettable one. Secure your booking with us today.