Conference Venue Parys

The Influence of Venue Location on the Success of Your Conference


There are so many conference venues in Parys, and the more you see, the more difficult it becomes to choose the right one. With so many logistics that go into pulling off a successful conference, many organisers underestimate the influence a venue’s location has on the success of the conference. They become too preoccupied with other details, and many times they treat selecting the actual venue as an afterthought. It’s the perfect recipe for an expensive flop of a conference.


When choosing your conference venue near Parys, the first question to ask yourself is, “Who’s coming?” The reason for this is quite simple. You want to make sure that the venue is central and easy to locate for the majority of attendees. There’s another reason to ask this question before you even start searching for your venue. Identifying who’ll be attending the conference also gives you a provisional headcount to work with. Don’t even start looking at venues that can’t accommodate this figure.


The location of your conference venue also affects when you hold your conference. South Africa’s winter months are popular for corporate conferences, because there isn’t such a high demand for premium conference venues. Since it’s cheaper for businesses to hold their conferences during these months, many choose to do so. However, your conference venue in near Parys needs to be geared towards pulling off successful winter conferences. The venue needs to guarantee your guests’ comfort, and even provide specific winter attractions to make the time spent at the venue even more enjoyable for the attendees.


Choose a Conference Venue in Close to Parys That Has the Right Space and Technology for Your Needs


The top conference venues these days invest in the most state-of-the-art conferencing technologies in order to compete in an ever-competitive industry. This means that they have walk-in-and-use conference rooms, with high-speed internet connections and presentation equipment to help you hit the ground running and present a successful conference.


Should you settle for a conference venue unable to supply this? Why should you, when you have so many options available to you? Make sure that your prospective conference venue near Parys has the space to accommodate your guests, and the equipment you need to pull off a successful event. No one wants to bother with yesteryear’s technology when they have the option of working with cutting-edge conferencing solutions.


Choose SunWa as Your Preferred Conference Venue Just Outside Parys


We are the preferred conference venue for many businesses and organisations in search of a home away from home close to Parys. Located a mere 120 kilometres from Johannesburg, and 10 kilometres outside Parys, our conferencing facility is a conveniently situated venue ready to help you execute a successful conference for your business. Our four conference rooms each come with a unique appeal.


Our team has also gone to great lengths to best utilise the beautiful setting of the Vaal River, to create a conferencing and accommodation solution for clients from across the economic sphere. Look forward to spending your day surrounded by stunning nature and unparalleled vistas. We are ready to welcome your party and ensure a successful event.


Book Our Rhino Conference Room


The Rhino conference room is a fully air-conditioned, thatched roof, and face brick facility featuring windows that overlook the Vaal River. It provides the peaceful atmosphere that only nature can offer. Book our versatile venue with a 25 m × 6 m wooden deck on the riverside, and look forward to a fun and successful event spent at your favourite conference venue just outside Parys. This is just one of our four tailored conference venues.


We bring decades of experience to each conference and event we host. Tap into this experience, and let it work for you. Benefit from our modern conferencing facilities and equipment, and host an event that is worthy of your brand. We are proud of our long history of great service, and we continue to build on our good reputation. Contact us to learn more about our facilities and venues, and for answers to any of your questions. We are always at hand to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.