Conference Venue Vaal River

How to Use Your Conference Venue by the Vaal River to Guarantee the Success of Your Event


Whether you’re planning a conference for your business, customers, partners, or the public, the right conference venue always makes a difference. If you’re looking for a beautiful setting for your next conference that’s both convenient and close to Johannesburg, then consider booking a conference venue by the Vaal River. With so many world-class venues vying for your business, how do you make sure that your venue will actually help contribute to your event’s success?


There are a few boxes that any prospective conference venue near the Vaal River should tick in order to be in the running for your next function or conference. Most event planners spend a significant portion of their budgets on the venue, which just further compounds the importance of choosing the best venue. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which a great conference venue by the Vaal River can help augment your event’s success, and support your efforts to pull off a top-quality event.


Lodging and Accommodation – An All-In-One Venue


This is the equivalent of an all-you-can-eat buffet. It offers something of everything, and it’s a complete solution to your needs. If you have attendees travelling from afar or if you’re hosting a multi-day event, booking a conference venue that offers accommodation is both convenient and smart.


You make it easy on your guests to book accommodation that’s close by, safe, secure, and convenient. They won’t have to fret over transport to and from the accommodation, and they also don’t have to worry about drinking and driving. Now, they won’t have any excuse for being late for breakfast.


Suitability of the Venue


Does your proposed venue reflect your vision for the function or detract from its image? It’s necessary to ensure that the venue actually aligns with the image that your company is working to project, and also resonates with the target audience.

Take the needs of your sponsors and stakeholders into account. Ask the conference venue if there will be any other events on site that might clash with your conference. It’s always better to be prepared.


Are the Required Facilities Available?


Determine the components you’ll need to have available to support your event. This includes microphones, stages, audio-visual equipment, and other technologies. Does the venue take care of its operations too, or do you need to have your own sound technician at hand to work the audio-visual equipment? Is high-speed Wi-Fi internet available for your attendees?


Many function organisers also prefer working with venues that offer on-site catering. This removes the onus of them having to source food for attendees. It’s a convenient way to keep your attendees satisfied throughout the day, and it will probably help keep catering costs to a minimum as well.

These are practical ways in which the conference venue can support the success of your event. When you don’t have to fret over these aspects, you are free to concentrate on other areas of the function’s execution, resting assured that the venue has you covered.


Choose SunWa – Our Riverside Conference Venue


We are proud to meet all of the above-stated requirements, and we make our beautiful river lodge available for conferences, functions, and accommodation. Situated a mere 120 km south of Johannesburg, our venue is within easy reach of major business areas in Gauteng. Let us help you pull off a successful conference, and take advantage of our on-site accommodations. Our team is always at hand to provide you with the benefit of our hard-earned insight and expertise, and to help you make an informed decision regarding your needs.


There are several conference rooms to choose from, including our face-brick, thatched, and air conditioned Rhino Conference Room. This room features huge windows overlooking the tranquil Vaal River, and masterfully merges business with nature. Enjoy a peaceful atmosphere as you do business with a world-class view.


Our Hippo Conference Room is also fully air conditioned. This log and glass encased conference room is built on stilts situated on the river’s edge. These are only a few of the many conference venues available to you. In order to avoid disappointment, book and confirm your conference venue near the Vaal River today. We look forward to hearing from you.