Find Our Conference Venue Just Outside Parys & a Mere 120 km from Johannesburg!


If you haven’t chosen SunWa River Lodge as your conference venue near Parys, we will gladly give you a few good reasons to! There are hundreds (actually thousands) of conferences held across the country each year, and while many of them are hosted in Gauteng, many are also hosted nearby, which is just as beneficial.


With Gauteng being so busy, you can just imagine how much demand there is for the availability of conference venues. If you’re interested in hosting your conference near Gauteng, you could save on costs, and provide delegates with comfortable accommodation and a scenic view, instead of the busy streets of Joburg. When you drive a mere 120 km from Johannesburg, you will reach Parys, one of the best places to host your conference outside of Gauteng, by far.


Often, conferencing can be considered stressful. Delegates have spent days preparing and now that the day arrives, the need for peace, clear thinking, and surety arises. Should you really spend the time and money looking for a conference venue near Parys, or would it be more beneficial to simply host a big boardroom meeting or virtual meeting from your current business premises? This is something that many business owners consider. The truth of the matter is that there are many benefits to attending a conference. These include:


  • Brainstorming potential with other, like-minded individuals.


  • Networking with people who can provide you with insight, skills, and information that pertain to your industry, and can spur on success.


  • Absorbing new information and learning new skills is made easier to do outside of the regular work environment.


  • Meet peers and influencers in the industry.


  • Delegates have something to look forward to if they are to attend a function outside of the regular business confines.


  • Meeting new people in the same industry speaks to both the business and social mind of the individual. What better people to relax and unwind with after a busy day than those who are interested in the same things as you!


The future of any business can be greatly influenced by what is learned and presented at an industry-aimed conference. When you book our conference venue near Parys, we will provide you with everything required to host a successful conference. You won’t want for anything!


If you want to avoid getting into a conference slump/rut, don’t always book the same venues year in and year out. If you are looking for something that offers the same professionalism and facilities as the old favourites in Gauteng, take a moment to scrutinise our services and facilities at our conference venue just outside Parys. You will be pleasantly surprised.


SunWa River Lodge is a conference venue just outside Parys that is fast becoming the conference venue of choice. The following play a role in this:


  • Our location – we are situated on the banks of the Vaal River, but are just 120 km from Johannesburg. It’s a quick drive from the airport, and the drive will be an enjoyable one too.


  • Our vistas are phenomenal – conferences tend to be held in built-up areas, but why? There’s no need to be all business. Our location enjoys some of the most scenic landscapes in SA, so you are bound to enjoy the river, grasslands, and more.


  • Our conferencing facilities aren’t limiting – you can host up to 350 delegates at a conference, and our conference rooms are comfortable with all that’s required, including air conditioning, AV equipment, and even meals and snacks provided along the way.


  • We love to accommodate groups – there’s nothing more frustrating than finding the ideal conference venue that offers no overnight accommodation! At SunWa River Lodge, we can accommodate up to 141 people sharing. Comfort is a number one priority for our team and you can expect for each delegate to be carefully catered to while staying with us.


If you would like to book our conference venue or would like to learn more about it, take the time to get in touch with us at SunWa River Lodge. You can send us an email, give us a call, or pop in to see us at any time.