River Rafting

What You Have Always Wanted to Know About River Rafting

Paddling out into wild, white rapids may be on your bucket list, but you might still have a few questions about this thrilling activity. For some, rushing water and the great outdoors are not exactly what they would consider fun. Thousands of people, however, visit the Vaal every year to enjoy the electrifying delight of river rafting. While we are not entirely sure what makes the activity so addictive, we do know that the hobby’s fanbase continues to grow annually, as more and more tourists take up the sport.

So, if you are considering river rafting, but still wish to find some clarity on a few concerns, then keep reading below as we dive into some commonly asked questions.

How Safe Are the Rapids?

Every outdoor adventure activity will come with risks, but the trick is understanding how to mitigate these risks. Certain sections of the Vaal River, for example, are considered perfect for beginners. Specialised inflatable rafts for safety and stability, headgear, and floatation devices will all ensure that you have a safe learning experience. Most importantly, make sure that your facilitator or trainer is qualified and offers constant supervision.

Is It Only for Physically Fit Participants?

An individual’s fitness and experience do not matter, although some mobility is required. River rafting can be physically taxing, as it requires straining against a strong current. The fantastic part about this activity is that it is so exhilarating that you almost won’t notice all those muscles you are working.

Are Non-Swimmers Welcome?

Your personal floatation device will allow you to stay afloat in the water, even if you cannot swim. Non-swimmers and weaker swimmers may find the water daunting, but your facilitator should brief you on how to behave if you happen to fall in the water. Staying calm and confident is the key to enjoying this exciting pursuit.

How Long Is the Journey?

At SunWa River Lodge, we have three rapid rafting packages that vary in length from an hour and a half to about five hours. This allows you to paddle up to 14 km and stop for lunch too.

For beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike, our river rafting packages are exciting and superb fun for family, friends, and even work colleagues. Our facilitators are all highly trained and qualified, and you will receive ample guidance and instruction when starting out with us. You will be back every summer to get your fill of this adrenaline-inducing experience. If you would like to book a stay and some fun-filled recreation with us, contact us today.