Looking for the Perfect Place for your Start-Up Conference?

 By March, all the corporate calendars have already filled up, and this means that you have to ensure that your organisation is also in tune with what is happening. Your start-up conference can mean the difference between success and failure in your new fiscal year, so you have to make sure you get the maximum value and benefit from it. In the current economic climate, nothing comes easily, and you simply have to make the effort to engage your teams and to ensure that you achieve your goals throughout the year. It helps to engage your team in a start-up conference to kick things off and to ensure that the objectives of the organisation are clear to everyone. It also helps to remove the teams from their normal working life in order to engage them in a way that is not always possible while they are in the office.

Taking your employees away from their normal humdrum routine helps to foster new thought processes, new eyes on old procedures, and new approaches to old habits. Getting out of the normality of the everyday comfort zone can be a huge bonus when it comes to staff motivation, and the perfect way to address this is to organise a start-up conference away from the office. You need the perfect place to do this. Ideally, the place should not be too far away, it should be fun, and it must offer everything you could desire from a conference. A lot of your employees may not like being removed from their households and for that reason you have to provide them with something that is comfortable and appealing.

Let us face it; nobody wants to drive hours on end to find the location of their start-up conference venue. If you are in the city, consider going to the countryside for a change of scenery. This means that if you are in Gauteng, you may want to treat your employees to some natural beauty in a stunning environment that will not only make them relax, but also help them to enjoy the space and the energy that such a venue provides. Parys is a wonderful place for this kind of event – not only is it within an easy drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria, but it is also a haven of wonderful and exciting natural beauty.

The Vaal River is as old as Africa and has been one of the main water feeds across the country for a very long time. Here in Parys you will find green river banks draped in weeping willows, and the romance and beauty of this lovely, quaint little town is captivating. The Vaal River provides extra entertainment and adventure opportunities that includes a range of water sports and other fun activities, and it is the perfect place for your start-up conference! At SunWa, we provide one of the most desirable spots for events. We often host weddings, conferences, team-building exercises, and other functions, and we will be more than capable of handling your start-up conference in our stride.

We have outstanding conferencing facilities that include four air-conditioned conference rooms of various sizes. This gives you the perfect place to host a variety of sessions with breakout rooms and a main congregation room. Not only do we provide high-tech audio-visual equipment, but our talented chefs and catering team come up with designer menus to please even the most discerning palate. We love to please our guests, and our aim is to provide the most wonderful atmosphere and relaxed environment where people can enjoy themselves and experience the most delectable food. We also provide the most exceptional range of accommodations for any size event. A variety of Canadian-style log cabins and executive suites ensure that everyone you invite to attend your start-up conference is assured of the style and comfort they are accustomed to.

At SunWa, we pride ourselves on the high standards of our facilities and accommodation. Our facilities include a pristine swimming pool, wonderfully landscaped gardens, and rooms with outdoor private patios. Our hospitality team is always on hand to help you to get comfortable and to address any queries on the spot when they arise. Give our team a call today for some old-fashioned hospitality.