Why Vaal River Accommodation in Parys Will Offer Just the Break You Need

The grind of city living is exhausting. Morning and afternoon traffic, air fogged with pollution, and a barrage of harsh sounds that bleed into the streets is enough to give anyone a headache. Sometimes, breaking away from such a bustling life is the only way to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. Every year, thousands of tourists travel through Parys, looking for Vaal River accommodation in the hopes of letting loose and relaxing. Ideally situated in the heart of the country, the Free State, Parys isn’t too far off from any of the other provinces. This means a vacation to the area won’t take days of travel – but it does feel far away enough to offer respite.

All About Parys

Some believe that it was a German land surveyor (known to have taken part in a siege in France) who named the town Parys because the waters of the Vaal reminded him of the River Seine in Paris. The little town in the Northern Free State was first established in 1876 and has maintained its small-town charm ever since.

Plenty of Places to Visit

The town of Parys itself is beautifully quaint. With places to visit such as the Le Petit Paris Secret Passage (a nod to its Parisian name), and a variety of antique shops, cafes, and local arts and crafts retailers, you won’t run out of places to see any time soon. Parys is also situated inside of the Vredefort Dome – the oldest, largest, and most deeply eroded astrobleme ever found on earth. This world heritage site is a must-see for anyone who loves history, astronomy, and science.

Adventure Activities Galore

Landlocked South Africans do not often get to experience the joys of water sports such as white-water river rafting, skiing, and boat cruises. Staying at a Vaal accommodation lodge offers this and more. There is also the annual Dome Festival (also known as Domefest) with tons of adventure activities such as warrior races, dragon boat races, and laser clay shooting. For three days of pure, unadulterated fun, you don’t want to miss this festival.

Where to Stay

Within the area, there are plenty of places to stay, but SunWa Rive Lodge is unique in its own right – we were the first-ever river lodge in the Vredefort Dome World Heritage Site area. Our accommodation overlooks the Vaal and offers guests spectacular sunsets and picture-perfect sunrises.

To book your stay with our esteemed Vaal River accommodation and experience the beguiling magic of Parys, chat with us today.