Seven Questions to Ask When Selecting a Conference Venue


Your company’s annual conference is coming up and everyone has put in their two cents as to where it should be hosted. But, we all know there’s so much more to it than picking a fun venue at the Vaal River. You’ve got to make sure that your conference venue meets all the criteria.


Before you contact all the conference venues that your colleagues have suggested, you should make a list of the requirements that you’ve got in mind to source the perfect conference venue. This will ensure that you ask the right questions when you visit a venue and compare it with the others.


Below are seven questions you need to ask about potential conference venues close to the Vaal River:

1. Is the Venue Available on Your Preferred Dates?


Picking a date for the conference to take place is a lot like choosing a date for your wedding. There are a lot of people and schedules that you need to juggle. When you have confirmed your  date with the conference venue, make sure that they can also provide you with accommodation, AV equipment, and everything else you might need on those days to avoid double bookings.

2. Is the Venue Easily Accessible?


Think about how your attendees are going to travel to the conference. If a lot of them are making their way to your venue via the airport, the venue should be no longer than 60 minutes away – knowing that they’re on their way towards the Vaal River is going to make the scenic drive even more enjoyable. If the venue offers a shuttle service, it’s an extra bonus.

3. Does the Venue Offer Accommodation?


If your venue’s quite a drive away, you’ll have to find accommodation close by for all your attendees. Finding a conference venue with its own accommodation is certainly the best option. If attendees are paying for their own accommodation, then options are needed.


Not everyone can afford a penthouse suite. Conference venues with accommodation options such as villas, cottages or cabins are great. Guests can then pick the accommodation that they can afford or prefer to stay in. How does camping next to the Vaal River sound?

4. What’s the Atmosphere Like?


You can save on your budget with an outdated venue, but this will influence the overall feel of the conference. A venue surrounded by nature, where attendees can enjoy the outdoors at the Vaal River is always a winner. It’s great for attendees to step outside of the city life and enjoy their surroundings.

5. Can the Venue Accommodate Your Numbers?


It’s no use cramming 40 attendees in a 20-seater conference venue. There should be enough comfortable seating for all, as well as room to relax in between sessions, and tables to make small discussion groups. Also enquire about the layout of the conference venue and let them know what seating arrangement you have in mind.

6. Does the Venue Have Access to The Right Facilities?


You might need a theatre, or meeting rooms and space for exhibits. Maybe you need extra space for buffets and dining areas? Lounge and smoking areas are also a popular request when it comes to booking conference venues.

7. Do They Provide Catering?


This is a big one. The last thing you want is for your conference attendees to end up with dry sandwiches on their plates. The catering can form a big part of your decision, as you also need to make sure that the venue can provide vegetarian and halal options for your attendees, as well as whatever other dietary requirements they might have.


It can be a daunting job finding a venue that ticks all of these boxes. Luckily, SunWa caters to all of these needs and more, to make sure that your conference is a success. Not only do we have multiple conference rooms to accommodate all your attendees, but we also make sure that our guests are well taken care of from arrival to check out.


Guests can make use of our excellent shuttle services to and from the airport. We have a variety of luxurious accommodations available, and guests can enjoy various outdoor activities and tranquil walks along the Vaal River when they want to relax. We also have delicious buffets, catering to all your attendees’ dietary needs.


Give us a call today to make your booking at SunWa.