Why You Should Spend a Weekend Vaal River Rafting

If you are a fan of river rafting, we have the perfect place for you!  While rushing down the rapids in a river is sure to elevate the adrenalin levels, river rafting also offers a host of other health benefits. It is not only a very physical way to explore the natural surroundings, but it provides the refreshment of cold water and the adventure of learning new skills in your environment. The waters of the river usually vary from calm to the challenging white water rapids, and there are few other ways as pleasurable to challenge body and mind. The adrenaline rush alone is enough to sustain you for a long time, and taking part in Vaal River rafting with family or friends will give you an experience that you will remember forever.

Why You Should Go Vaal River Rafting:

  • Boost the adventurer in you: Most of the people who come out of a river rafting experience in a beautiful natural setting find that their adrenaline levels fuel their desire for more adventure. Not only is exploring new territory good for the mind, but it also does wonders for the body. An exciting new pastime such as this can distract, thrill, and relax us at the same time, and the release after the rush can be highly intoxicating – for days afterwards!
  • Manage stress: Because going out there river rafting and getting up close and personal with Vaal River brings us closer to our physical and mental limits, our bodies release a lot of dopamine, which is the body’s response to intense situations. It can be quite addictive, and because dopamine is called the “feel-good hormone”, we are left with a sense of euphoria and afterwards, real relaxation. Think about a day that you went through intense physical exertion – you will no doubt remember that you felt very alive yet very relaxed afterwards.
  • Get better sleep: Because physical and mental exertion tend to tire out the body and the mind, a good day’s river rafting results in the necessary fatigue needed for the body to get some quality sleep. This means that you wake up more refreshed and ready for a new day.
  • Build muscle strength: River rafting is an exciting physical challenge and strength is needed to paddle and to balance in the raft while going through the rapids. The upper body gets a good workout with the paddle, and this helps to tone the back, shoulders, and upper arms. Regular river rafting is the ideal way to increase the strength of your muscles.
  • Get great cardiovascular exercise: Because river rafting can be rather strenuous and require stamina, it is also a great cardio workout. This leads to better heart health and increased fitness levels, as well as physical endurance.
  • Opportunity for proper outdoor exercise: Exercise is always better when done out in the fresh air, and river rafting provides the ideal outdoor exercise. While river rafting, you can soak up some sun while taking pleasure in the workout you get on the water. Studies have proven that exercising outdoors is better for mental health than exercising indoors.
  • Great teamwork exercise: Being away from their desks in a beautiful setting with colleagues offers a great opportunity to bond. Because discipline and cooperation are required to steer a raft through the rapids, it is also a great team-building experience. This means that employees and teammates get to know each other better and forge better relationships, and it helps them to motivate each other to work towards a common goal. It is crucial that those who work in teams learn to solve problems together and to communicate well, and river rafting is an outstanding way to learn these skills.
  • Enjoy quality family time: Because river rafting is suitable for most ages, it is a great way to reconnect with family and spend some quality time together. It is also a lot of fun! In today’s world of technology and rushed lives, the calm bits in between the rapids provide the ideal opportunity to talk to each other, interact in a healthy way, and to bond again.

If you are interested to learn more about Vaal River rafting, give our team at SunWa River Lodge a call.