Year-End Functions

Celebrate Year-End Functions and Work Events with SunWa

End-of-year work occasions celebrate a company’s employees and the hard work everyone put in throughout the year. Regardless of one’s ranking in the business, everyone is welcome on this one day or weekend of the year to let loose and relax. Finding the perfect venue for these year-end functions is never easy; the space must cater to and accommodate all staff. Then there are other factors to consider, like catering, music, and entertainment. At SunWa River Lodge, year-end functions are a place where colleagues can come together as friends in a fun-filled event.

Our venue, situated on the banks of the Vaal River, offers year-round breathtaking views. Instead of year-end functions that last only an evening, we see companies booking in for a weekend corporate retreat. This retreat is like a mini vacation from the stresses of the job, and usually sees the company’s morale boosted. Below are a few fun facts about our gorgeous venue.

We Have Ample Space

We have four, unique venues here at SunWa – so whether your company only consists of ten people or up to 200 people, we can arrange an event for you. Our facilities include a private bar and a buffet table where your guests can delight in delectable food. For those who do not wish to drive home after the event, we have 58 available rooms, with an accommodation capacity of up to 120 people. Companies who celebrate their year-end functions with us never need to look elsewhere.

Break the Ice with a Themed Evening

Our themed evenings are a fantastic way to kickstart your night and get the chatter flowing. These evenings are not only wildly entertaining, but they offer an opportunity for team building too. You can decide upon one of our available themes or have a theme customised to suit your party. Whether you want a Hawaiian beach blowout or a Pirates of the Vaal night of adventures, we do it all.

Team-Building Activities for Any Group

For those who wish for a year-end function that lasts the weekend (or even week), we have qualified facilitators who will lead your group in a few team-building activities. By promoting group cohesion, trust, communication, and bonding, these activities will leave your company stronger than before. Some of our fun activities include river rafting, paintballing, and even relaxing game drives.

To book your event or request a quote for a getaway you won’t soon forget, feel free to get in touch with us today.