Exciting Ideas for your Year-End Functions at SunWa!


It is that time of year again and a lot of organisations are looking at their options for year-end functions. If you haven’t booked yours yet and find that you are fast running out of ideas, worry not! We provide a host of exciting and fun year-end function options at SunWa, and you may find that you like it so much here that you won’t want to leave, which is why most of our year-end functions include the option to stay for the night. And if you would like to include a breakfast or a team building session, even better. You definitely want your year-end function to be memorable for all the right reasons, and we can provide you with your choice of the following (and much more):


  • Go back to a different music era: Dress up and do the rock & roll of the ’50s and ’60s, wear hippy clothing and pretend you are at Woodstock in the ‘70s, or don luminescent colours and bouffant hair to dance along to the wonderful ‘80s. Stomp the yard along with the new Romantics and the punks, or dance the night away to Cyndi Lauper. There is so much fun to be had when you can be part of another era for a night.


  • Casino Royale: Who doesn’t love a night out at the casino, James Bond-style? We prepare an entire casino for you with all the games and delights the debonair gentlemen and stylish ladies will love. Our croupiers will ensure that you gamble the night away with your chips and we will ensure that the night runs smoothly – without any Bond baddy action! For extra fun, ask people to dress up as their favourite Bond character and hand out prizes for the best dressed.


  • Glam it up at the Oscars: Spend the night pretending that you are a superstar and attend your personal spectacular night at the Oscars. Walk the red carpet and smile at the paparazzi as you pose for photographs in your glamorous gown or designer suit. Channel your inner performer and switch from plain to movie star for a while and have fun.


  • Colour fiesta: Bring a white T-shirt and join the tradition of the Holi colour festival in India. The ritual consists of throwing bright coloured power on your fellow revellers while dancing to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. It is a true colour spectacle and afterwards you can enjoy a great meal and lots of festive cheer.


  • Halloween: If the eeriness of ghosts and ghouls entertain you, go for a Halloween theme. Do some trick or treating in your most scary outfit and enjoy the night with some festive zombies.


  • Spaza Shop: Share the charm of the township with your colleagues at your own Spaza shop and African theme with some real traditional fare made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients.


  • River rafting: Who says you have to stay indoors or have an evening function? Year-end functions at SunWa may also include a fabulous river rafting trip and this will be perfect for those who like to get more physical. Get the adrenalin levels up and feel the rush of crossing some rapids with trained instructors. This can even be treated as a team building event, perhaps with a meal and accommodation afterwards.


  • Gala night: Enjoy the glamour of a special gala awards evening with lots of styler. Here you enjoy the glitz and limelight in a wonderful venue with delicious food and champagne all night long.


  • High Tea: Ever wanted to be part of the upper crust? Now you can enjoy a daytime high tea and feel like royalty while you sit in a tranquil garden surrounded by pots of tea and delightful teatime treats.


  • Picnic: Everybody loves a picnic, and on the banks of the Vaal River, picnics are particularly popular. Laze on your blanket and picnic basket and admire the natural beauty around you or just enjoy passing the time. If the fancy takes you, you may ever have a dip in the river to cool down.


If you are interested in choosing any of these year end functions at SunWa, give our banqueting team a call today. We have special, cost-effective packages that include overnight stays and team building exercises.