Year-End Venues 

There’s Never Enough Time – Why It Pays to Book Your Year-End Venue Well in Advance


Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that there is always enough time to book and secure their year-end venues. This inevitably leads to a last-minute scramble to lock down a venue that will work for all the attendees. It is possibly the worst position to put yourself in, as this last-minute scramble will lead you to settle for less and compromise on the year-end venue. It’s entirely avoidable if you lock down the venue well ahead of your year-end function’s date. This puts you in the driver’s seat and places the power in your hands to decide on a venue that meets your specific needs.


The sooner you book and secure your venue, the more options you have available. The closer to the date you get, the fewer options you have available. In fact, it’s pretty common for top year-end venues to start booking out months in advance. In some instances, venues can even be booked out a year in advance. While this could be fear-inducing for event organisers, it doesn’t need to be. With a little bit of planning and foresight, you can lock down the perfect venue and make sure that your team’s year-end function, for which they worked hard the entire year, will be a roaring success.


What Should You Look for in a Year-End Venue?


While it might seem like a simple enough choice to lock down a year-end venue, a lot more actually goes into the decision than just choosing a venue with a beautiful scenery. There are specific elements to keep in mind when considering which venue to book for your year-end function. If you don’t take these aspects into account, you could end up with a venue that is impractical and incapable of meeting your needs.


Avoid this unnecessary stress and set the stage for a successful event by making a wise decision as to which venue to book. What are some of the elements to keep in mind when searching for your year-end venue? To start with, the location of the venue is key. The importance of this aspect can be negotiated if logistics allow for attendees to be transported to and from the event, and be accommodated at the venue. If you’re looking for a remote venue where attendees can stay over, then the location of the venue isn’t as important. However, if you want attendees to be able to reach the venue on their own, then it definitely pays to choose a venue that is located close by.


As with most things, the safety of the event and venue should also be front and centre. Your prospective event should have security measures in place to secure your event and its attendees. By doing so, everyone involved can relax and let their hair down, and enjoy celebrating a year of wins with their colleagues and friends. Many companies also choose to opt for year-end function venues that have accommodation on site. It just makes it easier for attendees to retire to safe and comfortable accommodation at the end of the event, and everyone feels better knowing that no one needs to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after a long event. If this is important to you, then make sure that you choose a venue that offers on-site accommodation.


Fun Activities, On-Site Catering, and Conferencing Facilities


Other aspects to keep in mind when selecting your year-end venue is whether it has the conferencing facilities you need to pull off your presentations. In many instances, companies would like to book venues that have fun activities for attendees to enjoy during downtime, which can usually be found with venues that offer team-building activities. It’s also very convenient booking a year-end venue that offers on-site and in-house catering facilities, as it’s just one less thing you have to fret about.


We are proud to meet all of the above-mentioned requirements. With luxurious on-site accommodation, our beautiful lodge is the perfect venue for any company looking for a breakaway spot close to the city. Book your year-end function at our river lodge, and look forward to enjoying a memorable time surrounded by nature and beauty as you celebrate your company’s wins and highs. We look forward to welcoming your team to our lodge.