Year End Venues

The Ultimate Checklist to Scouting Year-End Venues


With the end of the year looming and the excitement of the festive season ahead, you really don’t want to be remembered as the boss who dropped the ball on the year-end office party. Rather go down in workplace history as the boss who organised the greatest year-end function of all time.


Even in the state of our economic climate – whether you run a large multinational company or a small start-up – a year-end function should be on everyone’s calendar. While a year-end bash can cost a pretty penny, especially in today’s turbulent economy, what’s important is not how big the party is, but the courtesy of showing appreciation to your hard-working employees.


Today, business is tough, so if you want your brand to stand above the rest, then you have to invest in the hard-working people who make it all possible. More than just a farewell or pre-holiday celebration, not only is a year-end function an excellent chance for business owners to express gratitude to their teams of hardworking employees, but it’s also a great opportunity to connect with employees on all levels, celebrate business successes, reward employee milestones, and better morale by acknowledging their hard work.


But, finding the right year-end function venues can be challenging, even for the most seasoned event planners. The venue sets the tone of your event; it must inspire your employees, enhance your message, and make the whole experience an unforgettable one, so it’s important to get it right. To help you on your path to greatness, we’ve put together a checklist which should make your choice a lot easier.


The Venue Must be Accessible to All


This may seem obvious, but the accessibility of the venue is the key to providing employees with a positive year-end experience. Consider the parking facilities at the venue, and do not forget about the alcohol factor. You may want to hire a bus to transport employees from the office to the venue. This kind of gesture will show your employees that you go above and beyond to make sure that they are safe and happy.


Know Your Budget


It goes without saying that your budget is going to influence your decision, so find out how much you are allowed to spend. Find out if they offer year-end packages, if there is a price difference between weekdays or weekends, and what kind of catering, décor, and equipment they provide. Sometimes, it’s better to choose a venue that is below your budget, so you will be able to afford extras like thank you gifts, awards, and even fun party favours.


Venue Options


The venue is almost as important as the food. Taking into consideration the number of employees attending the year-end bash, decide whether you would like a relaxed venue with a cocktail bar, a buffet table, a dance floor, and a space to sit down and eat, or you would like a formal fine-dining venue. If you find locations that can offer you more than one choice, make sure to scout these venues first before you make a decision.


Do They Accommodate Special Dietary Requirements


The food is very important when it comes to your event. With that said, ask if you can do a menu tasting and whether the venue can accommodate special dietary requirements, such as kosher, halaal, vegetarian, or vegan. Also, remember to ask your staff if any of them have any allergies.


As you can see, there are many things to consider when choosing year-end venues. However, if you take the above checklist into consideration, you’ll find the perfect venue for your year-end soirée. You’re going to be blown away by the choices of year-end venues at SunWa River Lodge.


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